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Peace Unity & Racial Healing

At the GSWPC, we recognize the unique hour in which we are living. For over 4 years we have been dedicated to the reconciliation of the races in America with our PURH Audience of One team. We have prayed, worshiped, laughed, cried, celebrated and mourned with one another. We believe that because of this time spent in authentic relationship, the Lord has created a peculiar unity in us.  This is our family discussion- real people, real stories, real prayer. We want to provide you, our community, with solid facts, honest conversations, and an open invitation to lean into what the Lord is doing in our nation at this pivotal time. 


Below you will find a 6 part video series covering various topics on race in America.  Use the discussion guide as you watch each video, and download the corresponding scripture prayers and resources. We invite you to listen and learn with us and most importantly, to P R A Y.

Ask the Lord to illuminate your understanding, expand your circle of influence, and continue to pour out the spirit of JUSTICE, for such a time as this. 

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