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Special Events and community opportunities will be posted below. We truly believe we are a FAMILY and we want to act like it! Opportunities to serve, minister, and simply BE together are a huge part of that. We can't wait to worship, pray, and serve the Kingdom with you!  


God is doing an astounding work of His Spirit in our world today. Thousands of people around the world have come together, unified in prayer and worship of our heavenly Father. God is stirring hearts and igniting minds to transform this generation as we learn more about His perfect plan for us. 

JUNE 9-11  We are hosting the Culture of Prayer Conference to engage in meaningful conversations on how to create and nurture a culture of prayer in your life and community. You will be encouraged and inspired by stories of what God is doing in nations and cities around the world, and empowered as you “join the procession” in the greatest worship and prayer movement in the history of the church!

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