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2020-2021  BACK2SCHOOL





  • Wisdom in preparation (content, time management)

  • Graciousness toward students (poor attitudes, disobedient, disrespectful, when sinned against)

  • Patience with strugglers (with getting the content, with life in general)

  • Handle stress in a godly manner (as it builds up throughout the year)

  • Purity with other teachers (friendships, attitude)

  • Choosing to be a mentor to the children who are paying attention

  • Kindness, tenderheartedness, and love

  • Ambassadors of Christ wherever they are

  • Desire to invest in the lives of children

  • Balance – balancing a desire to win versus doing every child’s best

  • Honor Christ in winning and defeat

  • Preparing athletes to be good citizens, to take the next step of life

  • Wisdom in decisions regarding athlete’s healthE

  • yes to see past the Xs and Os to see athletes who need encouragement, an example, a friend, a mentor, a loving voice

  • God-honoring attitude under pressure

  • Safety



  • Awareness of the necessity and importance of their positions – often the first person with whom students, staff and the public interact

  • Servant spirit

  • God-honoring relationship with students

  • Patience with all types of constituents

  • Godly communication with each other and other constituents

  • God-honoring conflict resolution

  • God-honoring attitude under pressure

  • Safety


  • Servant / selfless spirit

  • Awareness of ministry opportunities as they present themselves (maybe as simply as a smile or a word of kindness)

  • Sweetness of spirit toward others

  • Gospel / Christ-centered intention (motivated by Christ to serve the community out of love versus merely motivated to serve because it’s your child’s school)

  • Resistance to entertaining gossip

  • Deaf ear to politics

  • Parents would prioritize volunteering

  • God would honor the sacrifice of personal and family time to serve others

  • Respond godly to authority (the school board, other administrators, head masters, legislature, Department of Education)

  • Lead by godly example

  • Exhibit servant leadership

  • Engage others with general grace

  • Empathy with parents

  • Respond to the pressure from various constituents

  • Wisdom related to curriculum (common core debate, state standards, etc)

  • Compassion for district and school families and the hurting

  • Patience in the many different situations

  • Christ-centered perspective as they lead


  • Awareness of God’s grace

  • Wisdom and discernment with what’s going on in the child’s life

  • Develop and model a heart for Christ

  • Wisdom to build opportunities to get into the child’s life

  • Awareness of the voices of influence in the child’s life

  • Ability and discernment to help the child critique culture

  • To know when and how to engage with their child

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