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Matching Couples Necklaces: How to buy the rings that will last forever...

Yes, absolutely:

Wedding rings: plan ahead

The wedding rings you choose should be purchased at least three, and ideally four months prior to your wedding date to ensure there is enough time for engravings and special requests. You can do some research ahead of time.

Tip: You're late? Ask the jeweler if they can engraving the rings following the wedding.

Ask the experts

These rings will stay with you for the rest of your life. It is vital to think carefully the options available and take advice from an expert jeweler or goldsmith. The internet is not a good option here!

Wedding rings: Try everything

Rings come in a variety of shapes and colors, which affect their appearance and feel. The only way you can experience the difference and different options is to test them out on your own. Take note of the crowning (inner curvature) of the rings, because it is crucial for how comfortable they will be to wear.

Take a look around

Only one person is able to make a choice about "your" wedding ring the bride. Trust your intuition and your "Yes That's it!" feeling. Maybe your heart will be drawn to an entirely unexpected persona...

Wedding rings: showcase your individuality

You'd like to have rose gold, but your partner isn't? There's no need to have the (pre)marriage panic. Common design elements such as a shape or structure, can be enough to make you appear as a couple who are married, even in the event that your wedding rings look distinct.

Why don't we?

Chase discounts

The rings will last forever. So don't cut corners. You'll enjoy high-end material like platinum 585 or 750 gold, securely set diamonds, and amazing designs for the longest period of time.

It's still possible to buy the wedding rings you've always wanted, even if your budget can't be able to.

Do not falsify the results

In hot summer days or during cold winter days the size of your fingers could alter. When wearing your gloves, ensure they're comfortable.

Don't Be Astonished

Do you prefer an elaborate ring model, for example with stones on the inside of the ring rail or an external engraving? or made from a specific substance like carbon? Request specific information prior to determining if future size adjustments are feasible.


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