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Mission Waco (Claire Kent) July 7-11

  • Pray for spiritual and physical protection over the team.

  • Pray for the people we will meet at Church Under the Bridge and the conversations that we will have. 

  • Pray for the kids we will minister to at the apartment street camps and for opportunity to share the Gospel.

  • Pray for our students as they lead chapel services at My Brother’s Keeper Homeless Shelter each night and for the relationships that will be formed with residents.

Mexico (Chris Chong/Danny Gex) July 22-26

  • Please pray for both spiritual and physical protection over the team.

  • Please pray that God would breakthrough the language barrier and that the people that we minister to can see the love of Christ through us.

  • Please pray for strength and energy.

  • Please pray for unity within the team.

Blueprint Mission Trip (Jayden Perez) June 16-21

  • Pray for spiritual and physical protection over all 10 teams serving at Blueprint,

  • Pray that the homeowners we encounter that week will see Christ's love demonstrated through our students' words and actions.

  • Pray that the students will have energy and serve with a smile each day while fighting the Texas heat.

  • Pray that our students would not only grow closer to one another while at Blueprint, but that they would also grow closer to the Lord.


Mary     Chege

Esther  Kirkland

Caroline Uberecken

Jesse    Crawley

Grant    Sides

Tanner  Vance

Carly     Drescher

Jayden Huff

Gracious Kimani

Luke      Bradshaw

Christian Turner

Ighitu    Akinwunmi

Leah     Anderson

Emma  Bolling

Morgan Gomez

Cortney Grosklags

Katy       Hall

Danna  Hollis

Claire   Kent

Mackenzie Lawrence

Pitholi  Moudgil

allie       oxner

Jayden Perez

Kaelin   Ring

Kelly      Schuler

Deb       Turner

Andrew Allen

Chris     Croson

John      Ferguson

Jerry      Heinold

Corbin  Hollis

Jacob    Kohlmaier

Christopher Pickering

Kelan    Smith

Nathanael  Whisman

Morgan Gomez

Claire   Kent

Lindsey Low

Chris     Chong

Jacob    Kohlmaier

Seth      Tincopa

Eric        Vaughn


Jenny Payne

Chris Chong

Lindsey Low

Kelan Smith


Danny Gex

Michelle Gex

Julia Johnson

Dan Johnson


Vietnam (Son To) July 3-13

  • Pray for the Alpha training for churches and addiction rehab centers in Vietnam on July 5.

  • Pray for discipleship training for ethnic pastors and church leaders in northern Vietnam on July 7-10.

  • Pray for a successful worship night in Ho Chi Minh City at the end of August. For God to raise up the next generation of worshipers and hearts that chases after God. 

  • Pray for health and safety of our team members and their families from now until everyone returns.



Ethiopia (Chris Kocurek) June 3-20

  • From Luanne: Knowledge, wisdom, guidance, protection, and success in all He has called us to do.

  • From Chris: Afar connections, meeting with Guret, I’m always excited at the end of trip to be able to see Gods had in these trips, but His leadership and guidance are always there, but I can’t tell you what He has in store for us till it’s over.

  • Luanne to serve, teach, train the teachers, add value. Her success their means money and support for the underground church, without us directly funding. Let Luanne see and experience this.

  • Health, fun, logistics, thanks to God for the team locally who Shepards us. Paul, Tadesse.


Ruidoso, NM (Gema Segura) June 2-6

First of all I would like to thank God because 54 people, including adults and children, said YES TO GOD!!!!

Pray for our trip and the driving to serve in Ruidoso, to have an expeditious, calm trip, without mechanical or road problems, that the weather be with us and that we arrive safely at our destination...

Pay that our team will grow closer to God, grow closer to each other as members of One Body and then take God’s love to Ruidoso! 

We invite you to be praying for:

… our work in Ruidoso, may God open the doors of the community and allow us to serve them in their needs…

… that our team has a willing, merciful and compassionate heart and that allows us to work in unity, affection and respect, obeying the call that God has given us…

… for us (Wayne and Gema), so that the Lord allows us to enjoy our service without worrying, gives us faith to trust that He is in control and wisdom to face the different situations and needs.

We trust God will open doors to what this trip will look like and we're excited to see what He has in store for us!!!


India (Dag Blokkum) Sep.13- 21

Strategic trip to plan future engagement with the local team. Pray and encourage the Rajput workers.

Be a part of the plan to take Grace Fellowship’s plan for the adopted Rajput people of India to the next level.


Kentucky (Regina Alexander) June 8-15


That God goes before us , safe traveling mercies, that we can come alongside the Medrizo Ministry and support them as local missionaries and help impact and love on those who are navigating the opioid epidemic in the Appalachian Mountains. May we love God and love His creation and operate through the fruit of the Spirit. Our champion scripture is Luke 10:27 may those who are navigating various crisis situations be seen, known and championed.


Kenya (Jessi Morton) August 10-19


To love and teach the orphan kids at the Boaz Project. Pray for their lives to be forever changed. To be empower by the Spirit to encourage and partner with those caring for the orphans daily.



Colombia (Dag Bollum) July 27-Aug 3


We are seeing the enemy intensifying his attack on the goers. Please pray for us to increase our spiritual authority as leaders and goers to deflect the enemy attacks.

Pray as we overcome that the Gospel can be spread and that we can carry the beacon of His light wherever we go. Pray for His Glory to shine, for His Kingdom to expend, and for us to be an encouragement to everyone we meet. Pray for the Holy Spirit to be multiplied in all of us, to heal the sick , raise the dead and cast out demons wherever we go. Finally, pray for boldness in all of us, to boldly share the good news in all situations and to enter into spiritual conversations that will lead to sharing the Gospel.


Honduras (Chuck Westbrook/Tiffany Cobb) June 29-July 6


For effective distribution of filters to the communities. To bring the message of the living water that flows for eternal life through the local team of Pastors that we will be working with as we bring the clean water resources.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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