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Prayer Hour

You can now sign up for

one hour of prayer and partner with God and the GSWPC as we Build a House of Prayer for All Nations.

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Christmas Party

Let's celebrate the reason for the season together!

December 6th, 6:30pm

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How Do We Pray?

We have simple resources for praying in the GSWPC. If you're coming in for prayer hour, or wanting to engage with the worship and prayer taking place, these are some options for you. 


View our calendar and learn more about the 24/7 prayer and worship initiative here in the GSWPC. We want to worship and pray with you!


We are the watchmen and women on the walls of our city, heralding in the Soon Coming King and His reign of justice and glory. We are the redeemed, chosen, loved-the royal priests and priestesses of the Highest order- tending the flames of worship and prayer.  


As a house of prayer, we exist to facilitate the offering of 24hr prayer and worship through enjoyable, sustainable, and inclusive expressions. Our prayers center around the Word of God, God's character, and His promises to us as His children. Our worship reflects these aspects of the Godhead, celebrating the relationship we obtain through Christ. 


First and foremost, we pursue this goal because Jesus is worthy. Secondly, it's biblical. Throughout the Old Testament we can see the benefits of continuous, priestly worship and prayer in the leadership styles of Moses and David. When God is continuously being ministered to, people and even societies at large, are different. We believe ministering to the heart of the Father is paramount to revival and spiritual awakening upon the earth. 


“What is more important than coming before God individual and as a community? Be it for intercession, personal needs or for the nations, GSWPC is committed to prayer and worship. We love this initiative and support it every way we can.”

Shane Elson